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Our everyday experience managing social media sites over the last decade has proven that delivering the best content to your users sometimes can be a hard, tiresome and kind of painful job. And mostly it's very time consuming. Then we had an idea! Let's solve this problem once and for all. Let's create a platform that makes posting and engaging your audience a pleasant and effortless experience. We are here to boost your social engagement and deliver the best of your content to the biggest possible social media audience.

Our features

Our service ensures full automation of your Facebook page posts, Twitter tweets or any other social media integration by your request.We are especially proud of the last option because most similar services do not offer adding just ANY other social media.

  • Facebook and Twitter scheduler
  • Calendar to view and manage posts
  • Collaboration between your teammates
  • Weekly software updates and improvements

How much does Mediazer cost?

Free for you and anybody else. You can join the service and use it with only at one price - tell your friends about us. While the service is still in the stage of development, it will be free of any kind of subscription fees.

If you like, you can join as a corporate client and support the project by helping our team to cover development and server costs by paying a fixed rate of 60 EUR/m and in return receive the API access and additional premium features.

How does Mediazer differ from similar products in the market?

This platform was created by people who use it everyday themselves. Mediazer started as a local project inside our team for its own needs. But what we created was too good to hide it from the world. With a great platform comes great responsibility!

What's next?

We have a dream! A dream about a society that engages with one another through the social media with ease. About a world where users get the information they deserve and truly need.

How can it be accomplished?

We are constantly improving our service. We are becoming stronger, faster and more widely used every day. We listen to all tips and advices from our users, update and improve our platform. We work late nights and consume unimaginable amounts of coffee. We simply make it better and better!

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